December Gigs

December gigs and all that..

BONG – 2nd Dec:
Byker Grave 2017 @ The Cluny

BLOWN OUT – 10th Dec:
Yawning Man Support @ Soup Kitchen, Manchester

BLOWN OUT – 11th Dec:
Yawning Man Support @ The Cluny, Newcastle.

BONG – 16th Dec:
W/ Vanishing, Basic House @ Cobalt Studios, Newcastle.

MELTING HAND – 30th Dec:
W/ Cosmic Dead, Aja @ Baba Yaga Hut



BONG & Bridget Hayden Collab @ Supernormal 2017




To Supernormal diehards, Newcastle cosmic drone/doom leviathans Bong need no introduction, being veterans of Braziers Park whose third-eye-vortexing an spiritually enriching strains have graced this field more than most any other combo. For this special one-off performance however, they’ll be joined in collaborative carnage by kindred spirit and free guitar iconoclast Bridget Hayden for a voyage into who knows where which we frankly can’t wait to embark upon.